dimanche 19 février 2012

The trip begins : a quick stop in Malaysia

Ca fait un petit moment que je n’ai rien publié dans ce blog. Je n’ai vraiment pas eu un moment pour me poser !
Enfin, je vais pouvoir vous en dire un peu sur le début de notre aventure en Australie !
Désolé pour les francophones, mais pour l’instant je n’ai vraiment pas le temps de traduire en français.

I haven’t written anything on this blog for a while now, but I really haven’t had the time !
Finally, I’m going to start telling you all about our epic trip around Australia .

A few days before take-off

It snowed !
I was so pleased. I had been hoping to see some snow and a bit of real winter weather before heading off to the southern hemisphere (where of course it is summer).

It had snowed all night and at 9am big fluffy snowflakes were still falling . Everything was white. Beautiful .
I had left the Jeep Wrangler parked in the steep slope leading to my garage. Even in 4 wheel drive it had a hard time climbing back up onto the road . After afew small slips and skids , the wheels found some grip. The roads were fine for driving, most had been well gritted. Some were however a bit slippery. I thought that driving a 4 wheel drive jeep would be peanuts on snow, easy and safe feeling. But it wasn’t. Going uphill was fine, but going down you could really feel the 2 tonnes pushing you foward and down.
Anyway, it was good to see a bit of snow.

The last couple of days I spent packing bags and hanging out with friends and family, saying goodbye. It was strange to think that I will not be seeing them again for more than 6 months

03/02/12 : Take-off day
Time for the big adventure to start!
Our plane was due to take off at midday. We had spent the night in Paris to make sure we didn’t miss it.
After having checked in and getting rid of our huge backpacks, we had a quick drink before boarding. A toast to our soon to begin Australian road trip !
At midday we were in the plane ready to take off. We were travelling with Malaysia Airlines, which I had been told was one of the best airlines around.
I wasn’t disappointed. The seats were comfortable and leg room was reasonable (but maybe that’s just because I’m small). The food and service were also very good.
During the 12 hour whole flight we mainly played Tetris against each other (Orianne beat me nearly every time, so in the end I gave up).
For some reason I didn’t manage to sleep at all. Normally I can sleep anywhere and everywhere, especially in cars, trains and planes that seem to rock me to sleep, but this time I didn’t nod off once.
Maybe to much excitement or stress ?

12 hours later we landed in Kuala Lumpar. It was 7am in Malaysia, so midnight in France.
Our next plane wasn’t until 8pm so we had the whole day to wander around. I had never been to Asia before. It was so hot and humid! A real difference compared to freezing France!
First of we went for a walk around a gigantic park with a big lake and lots of tropical trees. Really nice.

Then we went towards the centre of Kuala Lumpar to discover China town.
Even though I was really tired, I had a great day. Those few hours wandering around Malaysia have made me want to see more of Asia.

That eveing we were back at the airport and ready to take off at 8pm. I managed to sleep a bit during the 5 hour flight to Perth.

Le carnet de voyage (en français)
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