jeudi 19 avril 2012

Pointe d'Entrecasteaux - Windy Harbour - Salmon Bay

We spent our second weekend (lovely and sunny this time) at the beach.
We headed down to south to Windy Harbour in the Pointe d’Entrecasteaux National Park.

We didn’t actually stay at Windy harbour, we went a bit further on to Salmon Beach instead. It is a beautiful fishing and surf beach with striking coastal views.
Orianne's Kangaroo skull...
After having relaxed on the beach all afternoon, I had a go at fishing. 
I didn’t catch a thing. I don’t think I had the right bait (fish don’t seem to like bits of chicken leftovers). 

It was really nice at this beach. Only thing missing was a barbecue, so we headed of to Mount Chudalup to find one. 
Mount Chudalup is a massive 187m high granite outcrop. I was really looking forwards to climbing it! Sadly, the access there was closed because of a bush fire, so we went to the Boorara (another old fire lookout tree) instead. 
There were supposed to be barbecues there, but were none. By this time we were fed up with driving so we gave up the idea of having a barbecue and decided to stay there for the night. It was a nice spot except for all the marsh flies (horrible big flies with green eyes that bite you. They especially seem to like attacking your bare legs!)

The Boorara tree is an hours walk from Lane Poole Falls. That is were we headed the next morning! Lane poole falls is a steep winter waterfall nestled deep in the heart of the karri forest. We didn’t get our hope to high on seeing any water (not after Lake Muir). 
As expected, when we got to the waterfall there was no water, just a big sort of rock and empty river. Nice walk anyway! On our way back I nearly stepped on a Tiger Snake, one of the most dangerous snakes in Australia!! That was close!!
Dead Tiger snake

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