samedi 18 janvier 2014

Geeky Jeep rainbow birthday cake!

Hi lovelies!

Hot news! Bel got back in the kitchen and backed a cake!!
Last November it was my birthday, and for once I was back in France for the occasion!!!

Well, I never considered myself a very good cook … I was more known for setting fire to ovens (and being banned from the kitchen) than creating good tasty food…
Since the 'oven on fire accident', we never brought a proper new one. We just had a very small electric one (couldn't even fit a whole chicken in it).

Back at my Dad's place in France, with a good ol' oven I've known for 20 odd years, I decided to get back into the the kitchen!

I set myself the challenge to bake my own birthday cake! 

Not any old cake! For my 27th birthday I decided that I would bake an amazing cake! 
A rainbow cake in the shape of my Jeep  :)

Crazy Bel! 
This is a pretty big challenge for a novice cook!!!!

Well, I did it! 
And not only did it look awesome, it tasted really delicious!

Here's how I made it.

First of all I made 6 different colored yogurt cakes. Pink, purple, blue, orange, green and yellow.

I also made a white chocolate ganache to spread between the each layer and hold the together.

Once all piled on top of each other, I started to try and carve the square cake into a sort of Jeep shape.
Starting to take shape!

I then covered the whole cake with marzipan, then a first layer of pink icing and later a second layer of green icing.

I made the base and wheels out of rice crispy cereals and marshmallows.
A glass to cut out the wheels :)

The 'mud' was made of rice crispy's and chocolate.

Now for the more arty touch!

I cut squares of marzipan for the windows and roof, and also the shapes of the front grill, lights and wheel guards.

Cake painting time! 
The rice crispy wheels and marzipan windows & roof are covered in chocolate and blue coloring (to get the black color).

A bit of yellow food coloring for the front lights

And Voila! 
A Jeep Wrangler rainbow birthday cake!

Then it was time to take it to the party!
It was rather big! 
Even sharing it with other people at the nightclub we didn't manage to finish it!

Bon Apetit!

I was rather chuffed with my first time cake baking. 
It really boosted my confidence in cooking, and now I'm rather hooked! I cook all sorts of different desserts and also rather tasty meals (roast honey&mustard pork is one of my fave, and I've got to get cooking that for this evening!)

Maybe someday I'll share some of the recipes on this blog! :)

Have a great weekend friends!


20 commentaires:

  1. AWESOME! You're so creative , Bel . I just wanna eat it .

    1. Thanks Noor :) It did taste pretty good!

  2. Réponses
    1. Cheers! :) It just takes an idea and a lot of patience!

  3. You're very creative. I like your cake. Kisses!

  4. baby!!!
    How are you?
    The baday cake was amazing, I totally love it!


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  6. WOW!!! Really cool and the cake looks so yummy!!