vendredi 30 mars 2012

Beach, BBQ and camping at Gracetown.

With Tony, Matt, Remi and Mathilde.

Just before midday, we all met up at Margaret River and headed off towards Gracetown with our 3 camper vans.

First stop was the campsite. We took ages trying to figure out how to park the 3 vans all in the shade but all close to each other. In the end we found the perfect place for each van. All this manoeuvring was in fact useless because we had to take two of the vans to go to the beach. 
Our van stayed at the campsite because we had pull out the ‘extension’ (first time we had tried it, and we were rather pleased with it!)

At the beach we found the perfect spot, behind some big rocks that we had to clamber over, sheltered from the wind.

We had a great afternoon. Swimming and snorkelling in the sea (no waves so no surfing unfortunately), tanning on the beach, chatting… 
The guys tried fishing, but had no luck (even though we had seen loads of fish when snorkelling). We wouldn’t be eating fish that night!

That evening we went back to the campsite and had a delicious barbecue. Grilled beef! Scrumptious! I hadn’t had beef to eat for ages!

A mini legend about Gracetown (told to us by Shawn the crazy old surfer).

A long long time ago, some terrible things happened in Gracetown. Two Aboriginal tribes, one from the forests and the other from the coast, apparently had a fight here. Nobody knows exactly what happened, nor which tribe won, but many think that at this time a curse was cast on Gracetown. A curse that still goes on today. Many strange things happen in this town. For example; many women have pregnancy problems.

Not long ago a terrible and horrifying accident happened in Gracetown. There was a surf competition down on the beach. A lot of people had gone there, either to watch or participate. It was during this competition that the horrible accident happened. Part of the cliff crumbled and fell on the beach, crushing and sadly killing a dozen people and children. Today, little white crosses can be seen on the beach where the accident happened.

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