vendredi 30 mars 2012

Preston Beach

The area around Preston Beach became renowned in the early fifties as a great pot for fishing. In 1955 a Waroona syndicate purchased the original parcel of land with a draw for the first 58 blocks held in April 1957. The causeway, built in 1956 and introduction of electricity in 1973, allowed development resulting in the seaside haven of today.

16/02/12: Meeting Wallabies

We’ve started heading down south towards Margaret River. When night started to fall, we stopped at Preston Beach, and found a nice little car park next to the beach to spend the night.
You mustn’t drive around dusk or dawn here; that’s when all the wildlife come out. It gets very dangerous; the risk of hitting a kangaroo or some other big animal is very high.
We went for a walk along the beach and watched the sun set.

When we came back to our van, we had a beautiful surprise. There we little wallabies all around on the grass! They had obviously come out to eat!
They weren’t scared of us; actually they didn’t seem to care!
It was so great that on our second night sleeping in the van we got to see so, Australian wildlife up close.

(Another great thing was that we were able to spend the night without being disturbed. It is illegal to camp on these kinds of car parks and day picnic areas. If the Rangers catch you, either they just tell you to leave or give you a pricy fine!)

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  1. Ca doit être excellent de voir ça ! Tu as bien de la chance d'être allé là-bas !