mardi 4 juin 2013

I'm back! Here comes the excuses for not blogging lately...

Long time no blogging... I'm really sorry guys. I was kidnapped by mini dragons and taken to a far away land where internet does not exisit ...
Ok, to be honest, that is not the real reason...

I was actually back in France for the last month and have had some serious computer and internet problems. 
As we don't live there anymore we cancelled our phone and internet line ages ago. The first few days I managed to hack into one of our neighbour's wifi...but he soon found out and cut off his wifi (apparently his internet was 'slower' when I was connected with my computer...). Only way to get other free wifi was going to McDonald's...but their internet is really slow, plus I got fed up drinking bad McDo coffee and eating Mcmuffins every morning... so I gave up internet. I was on a internet detox for nearly a month!

Second problem, my Macbook. 
It was murdered. 
My beloved Macbook Pro died.

Alcoholic coma.

A full glass of champagne was all that it needed.
So now I have a couple of rules:
Number 1, do not get your laptop out during a party, find some other way to listen to music;
Rule number 2, do not let your friends, very generous friends, give a glass of champagne to a laptop. Laptops, especially MacBooks, do not react well with alcohol, however good the beverage is...
And rule number 3, make sure your friend has a good insurance that will cover the costs of replacing a rather expensive computer.

When the disaster happened I intimately picked up the macbook, and the champagne just poured out of was drowned. 

It was dead. I cried. I had just finished some very long and laborious video editing and hadn't saved it on my external hard drive...
And that leads us to rule number 4 : always know a really good competent computer guy. He managed to recover everything on my hard drive. Plus the extra RAM I had added was saved. Thanks mate!! Computer guy was my best friend at that moment ;)

So now I'm back in Morocco, with internet. I'm back with a new (exactly the same as the old) another toy...
A Fujitsu, quad core, processor intel xeon E5-1620, 16 GO DDR3 ECC 1600 mhz. When I re-read that it sounds kind of geeky...In short terms it is a monster PC. A really freaking beast of a computer. It's not really a computer, it's more of a server. Plus I've linked it up on my big Philips ambilight flat screen. Rather impressive! I'm really starting to understand why people think I'm a geek... 

You're probably thinking why on earth would Bel buy that kind of computer? For gaming you don't need anything half as powerful as that...

Well guys, here is the news : I'm going back to school. 
At 26 years old I've decided to go back to school for 2 years. 
It's not like I stopped school too early in the past. I have a bachelor's degree in wine and spirits...a great degree when you live in France... but in Morocco working with alcohol is difficult because of religion. 
So I've decided to study something that I've always loved. Something that I actually spend hours doing... video editing. 
I'm going to do a 2 year course on 3D production (special effects, video games, animation...). The school is linked with some bad ass companies like Ubisoft, so it should be pretty awesome :)
The course starts in October... So until then I'll be making the most of the summer holidays!!

Plus I will continue blogging!! Here are the upcoming posts :

- Summer has arrived : some useful natural tips to sooth sunburn (the Moroccan sun is wicked, one day at the beach, even with good sunscreen, you still can get badly burnt)

- New Jeep : The Dirty Dragon (yep, I'm a Jeep freak. A Jeep full of problems...

- L'Oreal Steampod: a real blessing for your hair!!! (especially if you have really frizzy damaged hair like me)

Sorry again for not being around for a while.
Take care!

19 commentaires:

  1. I feel sad when the computer breaks. Do not give drinks to your computer. Never more!
    I'm glad you're back to the blog. Kisses!

    1. Thanks :) It's nice to be back! For sure, i will never give a computer a drink again!!!

  2. yay for being back!!! and so fun that you were in france.

  3. great, you're back :) and thanks for sharing, nice to know that McDonald has Internet. When I'm abroud this tip can be for me very helpful :)

    1. :) In France and Morocco for sure you have free wifi in all McDonald's, rather useful!

  4. Hey girl! So sorry to hear about your macbook RIP. I'm sure you're new one will be of great use especially since your starting school again! Congrats and I am so happy for you! You can never stop learning :)!

    1. Thanks dear! The new macbook is doing fine, keeping it far away from any drinks! And you're right, you can never stop learning!!

  5. Fantastic, you're baack :)

  6. Yay , it's great to see you back :)
    I am sorry what happened to your Mac book , though I don't have a macbook but a notebook & I secure it like crazy . I don't want anyone to disturb my fancy gadget .
    Good luck for school , though I am badly waiting for my vacations ;D
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. Mine is secure now! I will not let this kind of accident happen again! I'm sure that when I restart school I'll be waiting like mad for holidays too!

  7. Hi Bel, i'm pleased to see you again,
    good luck on your new study, it's a fantastic challenge! and take care of your beloved computer :)
    Happy days, dear friend!

  8. Welcom eback darling =)

  9. Great post.

    Have a great weekend!