mardi 16 avril 2013

The Transahara Electro Festival : dancing next to the dunes of Merzouga

Hey lovelies!
Hope you're all ok!
I'm so SO so sorry I haven't been blogging or answering comments lately. Life has been hectic these last few weeks...
Work is busy, and hard. I just had to rush back to France. I really hope next year I'll be able to go back to school :)

Here's for the good stuff:
Last week I was back in the sahara desert again... not for jeeping...nope...this time I was out there for a festival...

The TRANSAHARA Electro festival...
It's sure, dunes can dance...

Honestly, it was a wonderful festival. Dancing next to the red dunes of Merzouga! What more can you ask for!?
I was sort of a 'vip' compared to others... I was there with my Frog (jeep wrangler). Not only did I run a couple of errands for food and drink (buying stuff rom the festival was way outta price), I also had to tow a couple of cars out of the sandy tracks!

It was a nice festival; good music, lovely people...
But the organization was crap!!!!

The photos they put on internet are complete lies. The tents they rent look gorgeous on their site, but in real they are bad. Holes everywhere, so your bed is full of sand.
Food wise it was first arrived first served. There were about 1000 people at the festival, but they had only planned food for 200...
There was no shade, and you had to pay a fortune for water... not a smart idea in the middle of the desert...
This lack of organization did however take an interesting and nice turn for us... The first night we got woken up at 6am in the morning by two people who came into our tent. At the entrance they had been given the same tent that we had been given the previous morning. Weird thing was that they guy was from the same town in france as my boyfriend, and that we had actually spent a weekend together at Marrakech 2 years ago! What are the odds of meeting somebody you know in an international festival in the middle of the Sahara desert!! They became our 'tent neighbors' and we spent most of the festival together and had loads of fun.
Our neighbors
And now, here are a whole load of photos (as usual ;) )!!
The first day there was a bad sand storm! Lucky I had my ski mask to avoid getting sand in my eyes! Plus the sand gets everywhere : in the tents, in the dj's music stuff...
Hiding from the storm in our tent. If you look behind me you can see one of our pillows covered in sand!

The next day the storm had dropped and the sun was back. We could finally see the dunes :)
The tents...

One of the sound systems, next to the pool.

The main dance floor, at the foot of the dunes.

The sun rising over the dunes and festival.

We didn't spend the whole weekend dancing, we also went wandering around the area...
One day we decided to climb to the top of the big sand dune...
It was hard! Not only is it a long climb, but walking in sand is so difficult! You slip everywhere!
But it was worth it! The views from the top were magnificent!
I managed to smuggle a can of coke into franck's backpack before we left :)
It was nice to have a fresh drink after that long climb!

We also went looking for fossils.
Fossilized turtles...
Filming with the jeep.
What a fun weekend! It passed by too fast.
Sunday we had a long drive (700km) back to Tangier...
...and then monday caught the ferry to Spain and drove another 1600km back to our homes in France...

Take care!

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  1. oh wow! so interesting and I love your top!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  2. I love electronic music. Beautiful pictures! xoxo

  3. Woah ,amazing place . it must be fun . Traditions are feeling like floating . You're looking amazing.
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  4. Love your blog! I think It's so interesting and adventuring! I follow you!
    Maybe you can visit Spain or Marbella!