mercredi 2 mai 2012

Meznies and Lake Ballard

Meznies is 130km north of Kalgoorlie.
Gold was discovered in 1894 by L.R. Menwies. The railway line to Kalgoorlie was opened in 1898. At this time the town boasted 13 hotels, 3 banks, 3 breweries; cordial factories; a school; a library and 4 churches. By 1910 the population had dwindled from approximately 5000 to below 1000. Today, Menzies is home to around 70 people…

We only stopped to get petrol in the town. The petrol station (also abandoned) was really cool! Number plates all over it!

We then drove down 50km of gravel roads (in a really good condition thank god!) to get to Lake Ballard.

It is on this enormous salt lake that you find 51 bronze statues made by the british artist Antony Gormley.

When we arrived around midday, it was really too hot to go for a walk around the lake. We decided to wait for the sun to cool down a bit!
While waiting we met a big lizard!

It was also here that we met the Australian flies. The ones that just won’t leave you alone. I wa doing the aussie wave all afternoon!

Walking on that lake was hell! It looks solid but it isn’t! It’s mushy sticky red clay! It is realy slippery! Even in my walking boots I nearly slipped onto my ackside a couple of times and kept skidding everywhere! Orianne had to take her flip flops off and walk barefoot!

We took loads of photos of the statues. 

I was feeling energetic and decided to climb to the top of the little mountain!

At sunset we decided to have a fire. Going into the bush to find wood was not a good idea! We got attacked my mosquitos!

That evening we went back to the lake to play around with fire!

I spent most of the evening stargazing. The stars are amazing. So many of them and so bright. You can see the southern cross over here in Australia. Another weird thing is that all the constellations are upside down! Orion is doing a handstand over here!

The next morning I watched the sunrise over the lake. Beautiful.

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