vendredi 4 mai 2012

Yanchep national park

First time in a national park with the jeep! I have a little sticker on the windscreen that allows me to enter all national parks in WA for free! Really usefull! The boys had to pay 11$! Hahaha!
This is the best place in Perth to see some traditional Aboriginal cultures and the local wildlife. The park is 51km north of the city, set in glorious natural woodland around a reed-fringed lake. 
You can follow a boardwalk though the koala enclosure. 
It was the first time I saw a koala! 
They were snoozing in gumtrees. They sleep up to 18 hours a day! Lazy bears!
But the were soo cute! They looked so soft and cuddly, just like big teddy bears!

In the park we also came across a blue tongued lizard, that would hiss at us if we came to close.

There were loads of noisy Carnaby’s black cockatoos!

Tiger Snake Sanctuary! Not going that way!
It was a nice little stop.

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