mercredi 2 mai 2012

Our tour of the south-west of WA

Our tour of the south-west of WA.

Our little tour around the south-west of WA has come to an end. It was so much fun, and we saw so many different things! So many different landscapes in such a small area!

Here is a quick sum-up of the distances we drove:

Perth à Bunburry: 177km
Bunburry à Margaret River; 105km
Margaret River à Manjimup: 158km
Manji,up à Warpole: 119km
Warpole à Albany: 120km
Albany à Esperance: 482km
Esperance à Kalgoorlie Boulder: 390km
Kalgoorlie à Lake Ballard (there and back): 360km
Kalgoorlie à Hyden: 488km
Hyden à Perth: 338km
Total km of the trip : 2737km (plus all the little excursions)

Our trip is far from over! WA is so big! So much more to discover!

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