vendredi 22 mars 2013

Spring has arrived ! And so has a new guest...

Happy spring everyone!!

How's the weather in your part of the world?

Here in Morocco it really does feel like spring has arrived. It was lovely and hot today. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky.
It's nice to spend some time outside and wear spring/summer outfits.
But spring also means that nasty little creatures will be back out and about. 
The creatures I'm talking about are scorpions. They also like basking under the sun...especially on my patio...
I'm not afraid of many things, but scorpions really scare me. 
They freak me out but fascinate me at the same time. 
How did nature create such an invincible creature? 
A sort of mix between a lobster, a wasp and a spider. 
A sting at the end of it's tail that injects a powerful venom, capable of taking down a predator or enemy many time's it size. It's also covered by a protective armor, enabling it to survive a fire or a nuclear bomb.
Invincible and fascinating ... and scary
I don't like these little guys much, but my patio and garden is their home as much as it is mine. They were here before me. I leave them alone, let them get on with their own thing and stay out of their way. You just have to be careful and you won't get stung (like check your shoes and be wary when you move any plant pot or stone.

One thing that really worries me is our dog Hermès... 
I don't think he realizes how dangerous these little beasts are. For him anything that moves looks like a fun toy or friend to play with. I'm really scared than one day he will get stung...

So the other day when I heard him barking, my first thought was : scorpion!
I rushed outside to find Hermès trying to play with (or trying to eat, I'm not sure) another creature...
To my great relief it wasn't a scorpion...
It was a tortoise!
I have no idea where he came from or how he got into our closed garden. 
We've named him Koopa. He seems to like his new home, he spends most of his time wandering and roaming around the garden and house. I'm surprised how tame he is. He likes to come and sit by my feet, and seems to love being stroked on the head! Maybe he was somebody's pet before? Maybe that's how he got into our garden...(we've already had people 'throw' puppies over our wall in the past, sadly nothing surprises me anymore).

I hope he stays with us :) I've always loved tortoises and he's a real cutie! I think he'll become the mascot for my rally raid team ^^
(More about the upcoming rally soon!)

Take care!

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  1. Spring has arrived here with a lot of warmness . But spring doesn't last long at my place . Because after a month , summer will be "officially" started.
    Weewh , I actually don't like reptile type thingys . And scorpions are dangerous all the time . Be aware . And this tortoise is so cuteeee <3 Haha honestly I enevr got the difference between a turtle and a tortoise.
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. Here to summer should arrive quickly (but in the north of the country we are never sure with the weather!)
      Turtles live in water and tortoises on land :)

  2. Here is autumn. I don't like cold.

    I'm afraid of scorpio and strange animals. Here in Brazil, has very strange animals. hahaha. Kisses!

    1. I don't like cold and wet weather either! I've seen on TV what kind of strange animals and insects live in Brasil! Scary!

  3. Here is also Springtime..but is raining cats and dogs...almost all the time..with a mix of crazy I am waiting for the real spring days...with sun and go for long walks on the green fields;)

    1. Back in France it's the same! Mid april and still cold and wet! What is this weird weather?

  4. Haha, weather here is so-so bad, it's breezy and too cold we got a little snow here too, although the time has changed but its still very cold,omg!!! i hate scorpions so much eek!!! i don't wanna see one lol and that little tortise is so cute. I wish i could manage a pet, what a lovely dog you have, kisses...

    1. Hope the weather is better now!!
      I can't seem to comment on your blog?!
      Take care

  5. Take care yourself Bel, scorpions scare me so much..! Tehya're dangerous animal.
    In Argentina fall is came but the weather is sunny romantic fabulous.
    Big hugs to you, to Hermes and the tourtoise :)

  6. your dog is so cute! :) Me too, I don't like scorpions :(

  7. Adorable pictures, your dog is very cute :)

  8. I'm like you, scorpions scare me and facinate me all at the same time.

    Your new freind on the other hand looks gorgeous!! I hope he stays with you too .. if he's that friendly he likely has been a pet, he's lucky to have found you.

    Enjoy your spring :)

  9. nice photos!:)

    I'm your new follower, follow me back?:)

    Kisses from Poland!:)

  10. i love these pics my dear!!

  11. Eu estou apaixonada pela sapatilha! rs!

    Gosto da primavera! Mas aqui no Brasil estamos no outono!

    Ótimo domingo pra você, Bel!

    Beijo! ^^

  12. I am so scared of scorpions too, your dog and the tortoise are so cute! <3<3

    Love sushi and fashion
    Facebook page

  13. Oh, scorpions are really scary. It is good it is impossible to see it in my country (if you are not it the zoo). :) And your dog is amazing!

    Style Without Limits

  14. Just love it!

    Kisses from Bucharest,



  15. Hi dear
    Here it feels spring too :)
    Oh, I think I would be so scared if I ever see and scorpio!

  16. omg... can't believe you have scorpions!! we don't have them in New Zealand, and i have never seen one anywhere else! eek!

    Fashion Burger

  17. Interesting names u gave to ur pets ;)
    And those scorpions are horrible. I just saw Fear Factor show on tv and they were eating scorpions too!! like 5 of them!! :S


  18. Hello Bel!! you were nominated by me with the Verstatile Blogger Award!!..check it out when you have the time!!
    P.d: Miss you!! hope you are doing well!!:)