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Goodbye evil wisdom tooth!

Hello dear friends! 

A slight pause in all the travel blogging (lots more to come, more on Canada and the Portugal disaster holidays). 

I have so many things to blog about: moving house, starting school, hair dying… 

 ….but today it's all about my tooth!! 
Yes, that's what I'm holding on that picture below. A tooth. 
My bottom right wisdom tooth to be precise. 
Yep, at nearly 27 years old my wisdom teeth have decided to come out. 
Well one of the 3 anyway… yes I only have 3 on the x-rays, some strange sort of evolution of the human species...
Haha! Looking a bit like a crazy freak there Bel!
So what happened… 

I was off for the weekend to Marrakech to see a good friend called J. He is a great friend, the sort of friend you consider like family. But, for me, he is also jinxed. I love spending time with him, we have the most fun, interesting and memorable moments together… but I always end up with a problem… 

I'm not the kind of girl that get's sick often. Ever since I had my tonsils out at 18, I have only been really been sick from 'mild' food poisoning (common over here in Morocco). And only a couple of times surprisingly! (I think all the diet coke has mad my stomach inhabitable for the nasty parasites that live in and on food here). 

I'm always fit and well, until I meet up with J. 
A few examples :
  • When we went to Fez together, I ended up in hospital because of a bad allergic reaction to Strepsils. 
  • When we went snowboarding together in the Alpes, I broke my wrist. 
  • During a trip to Spain together, I got severe food poisoning. 
  • Last summer we went to a pool party where some world famous DJ's were playing. My blood pressure falls to 5, I faint and bang my head bad. 
  • A month ago, J comes to visit us in Casablanca. I get locked in the restaurants toilets. The lock broke - actually that might not be J's fault, 2 days before I got locked in the toilets of another restaurant in Tangier- I had to wait ages (he had my bag and cell phone) until he realized something was wrong. 

So last week I went to Marrakech to see J. I hadn't even arrived at is place did my silly tooth start hurting. I was sure it was just going to get better. I'm the kind of person that rarely takes medicine and thinks : I'll just sleep it off, it will be better in the morning! That normally works…but not this time… not being with my jinxed Mr J. 

We had a great weekend, swimming in the pool, relaxing in the shade of the Riad, sunbathing on the roof, trying to cook eatable food… 
(note : never leave boys alone in the kitchen…) 

The last day I knew my 'sleep it off technique wasn't working. I looked like a hamster that had stored half of it's weekly food in one cheek. My right cheek was like a ballon! 

We drove straight from Marrakech to the dentist in Casablanca (more than 40°C with no AC.. damn car (Cherokee) is always breaking down at the wrong time!!!) 

The dentist…everybody hates dentists! 
Well as you know I live in Morocco…when you live here you're used to seeing stuff like this… 
Yep, that's a guy who sells loads of teeth (and also kindly asks if you need one to be pulled out) on the local market place in Marrakech. 
Sure he's a tourist attraction, but local dentists are not much better in the poorer areas… you have to find the right one! 

I had never been to the dentist in morocco, i always waited to get back to france. 
But now was an emergency!!! My gum or jaw seemed like it was going to explode! 

On internet I found a dentist that had a rather nice internet site. 
Ok that seems rather shallow, but here if you have an internet site you're not the type of guy that works in the middle of the local market! 

The internet site was true. The dentists was modern and clean. 
When he saw my swollen jaw he was surprised. He didn't expect it to be that bad. Antibiotics during a week then the evil wisdom tooth would have to be ripped out. 
The swelling went down the next day. 

They day of the 'operation' , as they say. 
I was soooo stressed. I had two of my milk teeth pulled out when I was a kid, and the pain was terrible (well that's what I remember)!!!! I've hated anyone touching my teeth ever since. 

At the dentists, sat in that horrible chair, I begged him not to pull the tooth out, to let it be. I told him how terrified I was. 
He was really cool, and kind of made fun of me when I said I was even petrified of the anaesthetic injection. 

As usual, when stressful or painful things occur, I sleep. I think the stress just puts me out! May it be a tattoo, putting joints back in place or operation, I just doze off. Weird how the body reacts to stress?! 

The dentist was right. I didn't feel a thing. Not even the injections. Plus the tooth was out in about 5 minutes. 'What a nice easy tooth!' (dentists words)
A couple of stitches and I was done. No time to even sleep! 
I think the worst thing is the 'after'. The whole side of your face is num. It's kinda funny when you try to drink out of a glass…because of the numbness it feels like there is a hole in the glass, and that you are going to spill your drink!

Anyway, it's been 2 days now. No pain, no swelling, no bruising. I can eat and chew whatever I want!
(I remember friends that had their wisdom teeth, being put to sleep and all, and their faces looked like footballs afterwards! And during more than a week!) 

I was scared of Moroccan doctors but I've been proved otherwise! 

Have you had your wisdom teeth out?

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  1. Great post!

    Thank you for your comments on my blog! Following back.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. mine haven't come out yet... just a little bit and they screwed all the other thees!
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    1. Same as you on the left side, they've just kind of 'peaked' through with no pain, but have pushed all the other teeth sideways!
      I now have a wicked sideways smile!
      Only this one has bothered me, swelling and all. I think I'll get the other ones out soon (my orthodontist says my teeth should move back into place on their own if they have the space) Plus apparently wisdom teeth always cause problems (hard to brush properly, growing sideways...)

  3. OH NO , it's always SOOO terrible to get it out . I had mine one out in 15 , and you can understand the pain .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. Wow Noor! At 15! I still had my braces on at that age! Mine have only just come out at 26! I heard that having them all out at one time is painful, especially if they haven't come out (are still in the gum). At least now you know you'll have no problems and they won't muck up your other teeth :)

  4. ahhhhh! The teeth guy is so creeepy!


    1. haha yeah he is one creepy man! He's even creepier in real life than on photo! I never go too near to him... ;)

  5. Hello dear!) I am your new follower, hope you will follow me back, it would be great!^^

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  6. Cool post :)

    I was wondering if we could follow each other. It would be great, just let me know :)

  7. I don't like to remember that time of my life. The next day is awful. Kisses!

    1. :) what has to be done has to be done! I know how much pain it is, but at least it's out (the others will be out soon) and they won't cause any more pain (or push my other teeth)

  8. My crazy lady :)))))))))))))



  9. We're lucky to have sedatives as they free us from enduring the monstrous pain from surgeries. Two wisdom teeth are still in your mouth, and you have to prepare for their time to come out of your gums. It's better to have regular visit with your dentist to prevent severe pains when they're popping out again. :)

    Susie @ Provo Family Dentistry

  10. Congrats, Bel! You no longer have to bear excruciating toothaches and sleepless nights because of your wisdom tooth. If you only visited your dentist regularly, then that situation could've been avoided. Actually, you don't have to wait for your wisdom tooth to get damaged; you can have it extracted anytime. I hope that after this, you'll make it a habit to visit your dentist.

  11. Wow! Looks like what you expected to be a nightmare turned out to be a breeze! You were lucky to have found a good dentist at that area, considering you were not familiar with it. Good thing you were able to pull it out, considering it was your wisdom tooth and we all know how painful that is when it starts acting up.
    Thanh Arnett

  12. Nice to read your article! I am looking forward to sharing your experience.

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