mardi 10 septembre 2013

It's good to be back home

Hi guys!

I've been on the move again. 
Back to France this time. This is my real holiday!
The ol'Dad on the fiddle and me on the guitar :)
Back to my Dad's place in France. 
I love coming back to this old farm house. It's just got such a good spirit and feeling to it. 
Old stone walls and lots of land filled with flowers. 
Roses of every color, flashy fuchsias, ponds with gold fish and koi carpe...

Freshly picked blackberries and apples from the garden.
Apple x blackberry caramel crumble this evening! :)
Great place to relax... Spend time daydreaming, drawing and playing the guitar, piano or violin...

... but only for a couple of days. 
Then with we're off to the UK for my cousin's 40th birthday! Will be great to see all the family again! (havn't been there for 10 years now!)

At bit of news from the Huckleberry Hound Hermes!
He's getting a big boy! Just over a year old and weights 45kgs. A lovely Dog, everybody sho sees him loves him (even people in morocco that are scared of dogs ask to have a photo next to him! Such a star!)
Hot days at the beach! Hermes has a wet towel over him too cool off. Kind of looks like a nunn!
Hermes by the sea. He is a big coward, scared of waves! 

Ì hope he's behaving OK while I'm away! 

Now for Bel's weekly moan!

I've heard so called freinds in France 'bitching' about me lately. 
How can she go on holiday all the time? How can she have two Jeeps? 
Why all this hating... because of Facebook. All they see are the lovely photos I post. They wouldn't even look if I posted photos of boring old work! Most of my holidays are 'working holidays' , I work, then spend some time touring around (mainly sleeping in my car, not a luxury holiday!) 

Morocco is a loevely country, but when you live there it's a hell lot different. 
People think of Morocco as desert, beaches and riding camels. Yeah, sure... if you're a tourist on holiday... Working here is a way lot different. Just for starters, minimum wage here is around 200 euros a month... you better work long hard hours if you want to have a bit to spend!

And for the Jeeps, well that's my hobby and passion! Some people like shopping, or buying video games... I like both of those, but don't send much money on either. My hobby, my 'get away from stress and work' is driving in the desert. Discovering beautiful lands and meeting lovely people. And over here (depending on where you live) you actually need a 4x4 to get to your house ;) (strange how the guys that have been bitching about this jeep stuff are all rally drivers and spends thoudands of euros on their cars... that they only drive for rallys, not everyday work and shopping errands like I have too...)

Ok enough about that! I just needed a good lashing out!
To end this post, here's a picture of a strange cherry I got the other day!
Take care buds!

PS : I'm now on Bloglovin! (better late than never!)

And of course I'll follow back :) 

23 commentaires:

  1. Nice! I love your hair by the way :).

  2. It's nice to come home and stay with the family. People see the pictures and forget that it's only a moment.

    In Portuguese girls say obrigada and boys say obrigado.

    1. True :) Thanks for sorting me out with those to words!

  3. Your dog's name is Hermes??? How cool is that?
    PS. New post on my blog, what do u think of my new Oasap bomber jacket ?
    Nameless Fashion Blog
    Nameless Fashion Blog Facebook page

    1. Yep, it's Hermes his name :) A Fashion addict dog! Love that new jacket of yours!

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment :) I'm following now on GFC and Bloglovin :)

    x Maria

  5. Now relax, you busy traveling lady! :D What a stylish name of your dog! Sorry to hear about your friends. It feels so odd that guys from our own gathering talk on our backs, such a shame. People aren't happy in their own business!!!

    1. :) Stylish name for a stylish dog! lol
      Very true what you said, people prefer gossiping about other peoples lives than their own ^^
      Will relax next week! Of to the UK now!

  6. Glad to see you on holidays :) !! You look sooo nice with your blue hair. The color made me think about Smurfette (even if she has yellow hair) and this is a compliment as I love Smurfs, they and the Muppets were my number one faves when I was a kid :D
    About your friends acting nasty.. It's easy for people to make assumptions thru social media and blogs and yeah some people have a tendency to start gossiping when someone is doing something different, they are too curious or perhaps they are bored with their own things and therefore envy..?!
    The same happened to me when I was living in Japan even if there was nothing luxurious about our life over there some people started gossiping and became b*tchy as heck.
    Thanks for hanging my blog button, will do the same for you :). And follow on Bloglovin, too ^^


    1. Thanks Lara! I loved the Muppets and Smurfs too :) . Yes, I think it's a mix of curiosity and jealousy. It just gets so annoying!

  7. I must say there would be always such people who will say bad words behind the back, so don't mind them. I know easy to say, but we have no other choice! It's better that get depressed or sad about it. All of us have these haters.
    Those photographs are adorable! I like travelling too!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

    1. Thanks :)
      True there's no point getting too upset about it. Just have to ignore it really! I just don't get the point of haters.

  8. adore your hair so much! have a good day :)

    would you like to follow each other?

  9. people shouldn't do hate comment about someone if they don't know the person!! sleeping in a car it's definitely not luxurious!
    the first pic is lovely!

  10. cute pictures!! :) don't worry! I know, people are often rude, but the most important thing is it, you will be happy :) I'm following you now on Bloglovin :)

    1. Thanks dear! I know, and I shouldn't worry about it but it has been getting to me!
      Thanks for following on bloglovin (following too!)

  11. I love your hair colour . What's this shade?
    Your doggy is pretty lovely . No wonder when people would ask to take a picture with him , haha :)
    Don't worry Bel . People are so mean and always target other for what they don't have . GO ON , they've nothing to do with your anything , let them be jealous :)
    PS : Grabbed your button & Bloglovin !!