samedi 21 septembre 2013

Meeting the Evelio : electric supercar

While I was back visiting my family in the UK I got the chance to see up close and learn all about the Evelio
Being a car loving freak this was a big deal to me!

The Evelio is an electric super car.

It's my cousin and her husband that had the crazy idea a couple of years ago.
With only a small team, and no funding, they went through with the idea and built the car from scratch. 
A mind blowing project!

The result is quite a sight! 
Looks like a car that has come back from the future!

As well as being a swish looking sports car, the Evelio is also fuel efficient and therefor friendly to the environment.

It is powered by a phosphate lithium ion battery, which is fast to charge and enables the car to be driven  for 240km (less if you're racing full speed). 

The Evelio goes from 0-100km/h in only 3,2 seconds! That is pretty fast!
It's top speed is only 140km at the moment because it has only has a 1 speed gearbox (lack of funds). 

I was chuffed to bits to see my cousins car up close and learn all about it.
If you ask me, I find the car looks great, and with electric cars being the 'in' thing at the moment I'm really hoping they'll get the finances to develop it.

What do you guys think about electric cars? 
Do you think they are the future?
Would you buy an electric car if you had the chance?

Well until someone decides to make an all electric 4WD, with enough batterie power to get me through the Sahara Desert (not many plugs to charge it up out there!) I'll be sticking with my Jeep :)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I think electric cars are the best choice ever, it helps protecting environment and much more ecological. This car is also look great, seriously, I have never seen anything more cool!
    Thank You for sharing such a nice post!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  2. I love that car! I would deffo buy an electric one (if I was in an urge for driving lol, maybe in the future). They need to make electric cars since oil will end at some point and even now it's expensive. In Japan many cars are already hybrids, my father in law has already a hybrid.
    Have a good weekend :)
    xxx, Lara

    PS: I still can't have you on my feed / blogroll but I'm visiting thru the button .. :)

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  6. It's the car of the future. Have a nice weekend. Kisses!

  7. Nice cars :)

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  8. Woah, you're a crazy car lady! I don't know anything about electric car just some innocent cars my dad and uncle use :)
    PS: Last picture is SUPER cool! :D

  9. Awwwwww, super awesome post, hun ^__^

    Happy Monday,


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  13. So amazing!!!! love the color of the jeep too ;)

  14. I love sports cars and I would love to get an electric car!!! Your jeep is awesome too girl:)!