mercredi 4 juillet 2012

The Blowholes

'This natural phenomenon is an awe inspiring sight. Powerful ocean swells force water through sea caves and up out of narrow holes in the rocks, jets of water errupt into the air, sometimes up to a height of 20 metres, creating a spectacular sight.'

That is what I had heard about these blowholes. I decided that they where a must see and decided to go check them out!
I stood on the edge of the cliff where they were so posed to be located and waited. I waited for a couple of long minutes, camera in hand waiting, but nothing happened.
I decided to try and get closer and climb down a little further. Nothing spectacular seemed to be happening. Did the 'blowholes' only happen at certain tides or with certain waves? 

Not long later, I head a weird sort of 'whooshing' noise coming from a hole. I leaned over to try and get a better view of where exactly the noise was coming from, and what was making it.
The wild gigantic spurt of water appears from the hole!
I just managed to save my beloved camera from a waterfall of seawater!
These blowholes were really breathtaking!

After a while I decided to head down to meet my friends at the beach a little further on. 
During the short trip I met another one of these lizards!

Just one kilometre south of the blowholes is this calm coral-filled lagoon with fish and shells in abundance with a white sandy beach
The beach was empty ! Paradise!
This area is ideal for snorkeling!
So many beautiful colored fish!!

This is also a great camping area with a really cheap overnight fee to be paid to the site ranger.

The next day on the road we came across loads of giant termite nests!

At the end of the day we stopped to camp on the edge of the road somewhere. 


The next day we hit the road again, only to stop a few km later.
The guys toyota had broken down again!
This time they had to be towed!!
... we spent the whole of the day at a garage, only to be told in the end that the spark plugs were dirty...

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