mercredi 4 juillet 2012


Karijini : one of the most breathtaking places I have ever seen!
We had some really fun walks here. The scenery was magnificent!
We arrived late afternoon, so we just went for a quick simple walk to a pool with a waterfall.

That evening I was the only one that climbed all the way down the cliff and back up again!

The next day we set off for some longer walks.
I think the difficulty level was from 4 to 6 on this peculiar walking tour. It started off nice and easy...
Suddenly the track ended in a river. We had to take our shoes off to continue!
Back on dry land. We thought that this would be the only water crossing so we put our walking boots back on!
No more water, but the walk had turned into 'rock climbing'!
The passage was very narrow in some areas!
We climbed down this pole that ran along a waterfall and found ourself in front a an enormous pool.
The only way to across to continue our adventure, was to swim! We left our stuff on the rocks and plunged into the freezing water!
Saving the camera!!
The water was crystal clear...
In the end we had to turn back. The climbing was getting very steep, and we were a bit worried that if we jumped down we would not be able to climb back up again (without ropes).
It was a difficult and tiring walk, but really worth it! Not only was it great fun to climb along these narrow passages, the views were amazing and the colors beautiful!

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