mercredi 4 juillet 2012

Cape Range National Park - Turquoise bay

When we arrived in Cape Range National Park it was pouring with rain.
We had to spend the whole morning cooped up in our cars and van!

But, in the afternoon the sun came out!!
Time to go check out the beautiful beaches of this park.
We started with Turquoise Bay.
A truly beautiful place!
Turquoise water, white sand!
Plus, great snorkeling!
There is a strong current so you can do 'drift' snorkeling!
You just let yourself drift, with you head in the water, over all the coral and beautiful fish!
A parrot fish!

I also ended up meeting a reef shark here! 
No time to take a picture though (I know, I'm such a coward!)

Time for group pictures on the beach!
We only took one car to go to the beach! A bit squashed in the back!
That evening back at the campsite I experienced 2 amazing things.

The first was the 'green flash'. 
I went onto the beach to get some pics of the sun setting. An australian couple was there and asked me if I had ever seen the 'green flash'. 
I had heard of it before but never actually seen it. They told be to look away from the setting sun, and only look back when they told be to. After a couple of minutes they guy said 'now! look now!' I looked, not expecting much, and wow i was surprised. The whole sky suddenly flashed green! I saw the green flash!

Back at the campsite, I saw the second amazing thing. The moon rising! 
So big ! So bright! It looked almost like the sun!

The next day we went for some of the walks around parts of the park.
They started of nice and easy and flat...

Rock Wallabies!

... Then we started to climb...
...and climb...
... until we finally reached the top! What a great view!

A punk pigeon!

Nasty bulldog ant! Boy, do they hurt when the bite! Evils bugs!

When leaving the park that afternoon, the toyota had yet another problem: this time a puncture. Easily solved you may say... 
Yes, a change of tire is an easy thing... until you find out that the lifting jack is to small...

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