dimanche 30 septembre 2012

Not so sure about learning to play the violin...

So I've decided to learn to play the violin...
Depuis peu j'ai décidé d'apprendre à jouer le violon...
I have tried to learn on my own many times (I play other instruments), but with no luck... I totally gave up after breaking string when trying to tune the damn thing!
J'avais beau essayer d'apprendre toute seule (je joue deja d'autres instruments) ça ne marchais pas...

But I have decided to try one last time; but this time by taking lessons...
Donc je vais prendre des cours...

Cover your ears! Its going to sound bad!
Gare à vos oreilles! Ca risque d'être un carnage!

Not sur if I'm doing this right...

6 commentaires:

  1. Thank youu! :)
    sure we can follow each other, I'm following


  2. I could NEVER learn it, good luck and well done if you even have a clue!
    Yes, it's depressing for me the winter in my country. Some people are ok with it and like the snow etc (well I like snow too and winter sports, wish I had more energy!)
    Yuppy at summer it's the other way around. No dark. I posted abt that few months ago. I'm used to that lol but my hubby isn't :D

    1. I'm going to try ! Don't think i could ever get used to living in the dark !

  3. Hello Back again Bel!! cool for the language exchange..let me know...what would you prefer: snail mail, e-mail...??..