lundi 22 octobre 2012

Finally some new trainers + recents news

A quick post to show you guys the new trainers that i brought.
I have meaning to buy a good pair for ages. Since I've been living in Morocco I've only been buying really cheap pairs, that end up breaking really fast or even hurting my feet and knees! (I tend to wear trainers a lot!)
So here they are! I absolutely love the color and they are really comfortable!
I also finally managed to get the playstation up and running (was missing a cable). I haven't been able to play it for over a year, so now I'm basically playing games that came out 6 months ago! Not up to date in the gaming world anymore.

A little news about Hermès. He had to have a small operation so was made to wear this collar to stop him from pulling out the stitches! Poor doggy!
He does look rather cute in it ;)
(He managed to destroy the collar in less than a week!)
It was also the first time that he met my mountain board. He was not impressed at all! He wouldn't come near the thing for more than an hour. He would just sit there looking at it, then come closer and bark! He now seems to have understood that it is not an animal, so hopefully we should soon be able to go one some nice rides together in the country.
And the best for last: I met this little fella on our patio the other day! I have been living here for 2 years and never seen a scorpion before. I was even told that there aren't many around Tangier. But there he was, bathing in the sun right next to our front door. The worst thing is that I used to sunbath on that patio too!
Anyway, apparently their sting doesn't kill you, but you better get to a hospital pretty quick!
Hope I won't be meeting another one any day soon! 


10 commentaires:

  1. Love the sneakers! great pics! the last one is creepy:)

  2. great pictures:)) great sneakers!! keep in touch dear:)) happy week!


  3. J'adhère complètement à tes sneakers et la tenue qui va avec !! Coup de coeur !

    1. merci! C'est rien de très chic, plus tenu pour trainer a la maison, mais c'est cool et confortable! ;) A bientôt!

  4. ohh ur doggy is so cute- i have a doggy too!!! a collie! yeah and i really enjoy dying my hair- as long as i study and work at university it is still possible. maybe i get a job in the art-industry after finishing my studies- that'd be awesome

  5. Collies are such smart dogs! My parents always had border collies.
    Hope you do manage to get in the art-industry! That would be so cool!