mardi 13 novembre 2012

Need your help! Pink or Green Jeep?!

Hi guys!
Salut a tous!

I need some help and great style advice here!
J'ai vraiment d'aide ici!

Well, it's not for clothes, but for my car!
Cela concerne ma voiture!

2 years ago I asked what color I should paint my Ford and got some awesome advice, well now it's time for the Jeep to get a clean coat of paint!!
Il y a deux ans je vous ai demandé quel couleur peindre ma Ford et vos commentaires m'ont été précieux. Maintenat c'est au tour de la Jeep de recevoir un relooking!

So, this is what she looks like at the moment... an olive green color...
Voici ce a quoi elle ressemble en ce moment...une couleur vert olive...
En dessous j'ai (essayé) de dessiner à quoi elle devrai ressembler une fois equip avec les nouveaux pneu et kit suspension.
Son nom sera 'Desert Dragon'.
Par contre il y a un 'hic'... je n'arrive pas a choisir entre une peinture verte ou rose!!! 

Here I've sketched (very quickly, sorry about the bad details) what she should look like soon, with new tires and lift kit.
She will be baptized the 'Desert Dragon'.
Only problem is I really can't decide between pink or green for the paint !!!

 Please tell me which color you prefer!!!
Dites moi quel couleur vous préférez!!!

It's all up to you! 
A vous de décider!

Take care!
Bisous à tous!

24 commentaires:

  1. Hahah so funny this post, my love <3

    Many many kisses,


  2. Il va être terrible !!

  3. i love the pink jeep!

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  4. i like the pink! very cute! i just started following you and i would love if you followed back :-)

  5. Hey I love your blog :) Follow it now :) See my blog whenever you have time :)

  6. heyy bel!!! thank u for posting always such lovely comments on my blog! it means sooo much to me! and i would choose the green! raaaaawwwww

  7. Love your blog! Follow eachother on GFC & Bloglovin' ??

    Will follow straight back!

    Kelly xox

  8. I LOVE your blog...Great photos!Really enjoying:)FOLLOW YOU NOW! Please check mines If you want we can follow also with bloglovin, google+, twitter and facebook?
    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed discovering your blog, of course i am following too :)

  9. Pink! That's not a very pretty color of green.

    1. ok! The green would be more flashy than on this drawing though!

  10. Pink Pink & Pink :D . That's would be a great sign that this jeep belongs to a girl ;)

    1. :) it would be a really girly jeep! Only problem is that my boyfriends also drives it from time to time... lol

  11. I think pink would be super nice!! It matches with your hair too!!! Go for it!

    The Closet 365

  12. Green! ehheeh but it´s up to you!! heheh..I love dark colours. ..about pink is ok but I prefer fucsia than pic heheh, don´t ask why??! hahha. well, I tell you why I´m not much a pink woman, my parents used to dress me all the time in pink when I was a child so..that´s why I don´t like it hahahhahaahahha:) not all the time but more or less so that´s why I don´t like so much although I have some pink in my make up;)

  13. I prefer fuchsia too, but my boyfriend prefers that the pink be a little more purple ;)
    lol, I understand why you don't like pink! For me it was the other way round, my parents didn't often dress me in pink. I only started liking pink when I was 20!